Are You Ready For Season 2 Of Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored?

Who else can’t wait for season 2 of Zodwa Wabantu uncensored? December is around the corner. Zodwa says she’ll be busy filming season 2 of her reality show which airs on the infamous channel Moja Love. The star says she’ll be in and out of Cape Town and Jo’burg as she’s not only filming her reality show but also her new film which she says she’ll be playing a lead role.

In an interview with Isolezwe, Zodwa said: “People will get to see some things they never knew about me which I never revealed in the first season. They will also see my new Ben 10 and lay out everything about my life, I will be addressing some things everyone is afraid to talk about.”

Zodwa is an honest person and also not one to mince her words. On her show last season she said things that almost led to her show being canceled. Amongst many things that she said she spoke about gays and said they think they have a vagina. She also said that gays forget that they are not women.
This statement didn’t sit well with many people they even signed a petition to have the show cancelled. However Moja love and Zodwa both apologized to those that caught feelings.

We all know Zodwa to be unpredictable. So we will never be amazed by anything she’ gonna deliver on the next season. But everyone is happy to know that season 2 is around the corner.

Zodwa also revealed some sad moments about her life which left some viewers feeling quite sad that the star had to go through so much to get to where she is right now. Some were actually inspired by how much of a hard worker she is

Zodwa is proud of how well her show has done and of the fact that it’s the first show from Moja Love to be added on DSTV Catch Up.

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