Ayanda Borotho On Becoming True To Yourself

Isibaya actress Ayanda Borotho is on a very important journey of becoming true to herself. She says she doesn’t care anymore about what people expect from her but if it doesn’t make her happy she will not do it, the first person she’s willing to impress is herself. She advices everyone to live their lives according to their own standards because that’s what brings peace to one’s life.

Ayanda Borotho took to her Instagram and posted a video of her character crying and talking to her stepson Jabu, on the caption she wrote a very long motivational message:

“Pursuing yourself is a painful process that will cost you relationships, spaces and material things. It will cost you everything you have ever known. Birth is painful. We must die to the world first to be birthed again to our true selves.

We have to tear apart every wall of lies in ourselves first in order to rebuild our own truth. I hope you will pursue yourself above all else even if it kills you, because what good is it to live buried alive?

Choosing yourself in a world that wants us to be everyone else but us is bravery at its highest form. We are the very key to our prison. Sometimes we don’t even know it, sometimes we do but simply don’t know how to unlock who we ought to be because our greatest fear is the very freedom we want.

We fear what we know we are because we have been taught what we ought to be. The prisons are created for us, but we lock the doors. Just as we lock the doors, we can also unlock them.”

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