Black Coffee Is One In A Million

Did you know that Euphonik has changed his name to DJ Themba? Yes he did so there’s no more DJ Euphonik anymore. Apparently he dropped everything even his well known DJ name to start afresh.

This made the international DJ, Black Coffee very proud of him. He commended Euphonik (Themba) for being brave enough to start from the bottom while he was already at the top.

Black Coffee is one person who’s not jealous of other people’s success especially his fellow DJs. Whenever he sees them do something good he doesn’t shy away from giving them props. He told Themba how much he appreciates him for “literally dropping everything and starting from the bottom”.

Black Coffee has been doing amazing things in the South Africa and abroad. He’s an inspiration to many and the fact that he shows support to other people is probably what makes him more successful. He took to social media to show his appreciation to DJ Themba for the big change he made in his life.

“Ntwana, Themba these past two years you’ve shown me it’s never too late to start … and literally dropped everything and started from the bottom. I’m truly proud of you.” He tweeted

We not really sure what he meant by “dropped everything and started from the bottom” but it sure looks like DJ Themba has something great up his sleeve. It looks like he’s going to do much better than Euphonik.

The two DJs have been doing the most in Ibiza and have been out of the country for a while. To show that they are missing out on what’s happening in SA, Black Coffee posted a funny clip on twitter and wrote:”He wrote this is me and Themba this December coming from Ibiza.”

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