Is Bonang Matheba In Love Again?

Bonang Matheba seems to be in love and happy again. After her public affair with AKA, Bonang has decided to keep her personal life private this time. But she let her fans know that she has fallen for someone by taking to her Twitter page and wrote: “I can’t believe how, I have faaaallen for you” with an in love emoji

Most people are curious about Queen B’s love life and mo’ghel isn’t about revealing who her man is, maybe in the near future but not now.
Around August Bonang was trending for allegedly dating Banele, one of the major league Djs. Most people were convinced that the two are dating because they’ve been seen together a number of times. Bonang also gave him a customized bottle of BNG which fueled the rumours even more.

One fan asked Bonang that time why she’s trending and she replied:”They’re trying to figure out who I’m dating, as usual….. Nothing serious. Happy Thursday! Being Bonang tomorrow.”

And that’s exactly what everyone has been trying to do, figure out who Queen B is dating.

Now Twitter is going crazy over her “I’ve fallen for you” tweet
Bonang is a very tricky woman this one, it turns out she’s singing the song ‘Fallen by Lauren Wood’

However one convinced tweep replied:”I know Twitter will investigate and tell us by midnight”
and someone else said:”It doesn’t matter with who, I’m just happy Queen B is inlove guys, isn’t that what matters?”

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