Lebo M Gets Married For The 5th Time

Mel Ntsala and The Lion King producer Lebo M are getting married soon. Lebo popped the question and Mel said yes. The two seems very much in love. Despite the fact that Lebo has been married for 4 times his bae doesn’t care about that. She doesn’t mind being number 5.

Apparently Mel and Lebo’s kids get along well with each other. Sunday Sun source confirmed that.

“One of the main reasons he loved her is that she loves his kids like they’re her own. She puts them first, just as she does her man.” Said the source

People knew about the relationship earlier this year and judging from their Instagram feeds they’ve been head over heels in love with each other since then.

He once posted a pic of himself and bae and said:
“Where do I begin I mean, how do you celebrate someone that more than six months ago dropped a bomb of joy in your world, when one had lost all hope? What do you give one who has given you so much more with just a smile?”

But y’all know no one can survive black twitter, well only Ndivhu T is immune to Black Twitter. I’m just kidding guys. They shared their opinions on how they feel about Lebo M’s situation. Some say the M stands for marriage.

Dean Mabuela said:”Lol Lebo M ‘s uncles probably keep their jackets at the back of the door since they don’t take long to use them”

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