Somizi Gives his mother R79k For Her 79th Birthday

Wow Somgaga and his mother’s relationship is an amazing one. I’m sure every child wishes to have that kind of relationship with their parents.

On the last episode of Living The Dream With Somizi season 4. The multi talented, ever so happy Somizi threw his mom a huge party and guess what he did at the party…

He gave his mother a whooping R79 000 because she was turning 79 years old, meaning a thousand for each year.
At the party there’s were his in-laws and the veteran actress Lillian Dube.

No wonder Somizi keeps receiving blessing upon blessings, he’s taking good care of his mother while she’s still alive.

But with the talent his mom has passed on to him he’s doing a great job by showing appreciation.

Somizi never misses an opportunity to spoil or congratulate his mom and he makes sure that the world knows. Earlier this year he mentioned how proud he is of his mother when she was among the senior citizens President Ramaphosa bestowed with the 2019 National Orders Awards.

The president told her that her dedication to putting herself at the service of the country and willingness to make South Africa a better doesn’t go unnoticed.

Somizi took to Instagram a picture of his mother and the president and captioned: “Proud son. If I can achieve a quarter of what my mom has in the arts, I would have made it,”

Mary Mhlongo is really blessed to have a son like Somizi

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