Thando Thabethe And Lunga Shabalala Should Give Up

Thando Thabethe And Lunga Shabalala might as well just give in. It’s evident that they are dating because they leave so many clues.

The first hint was first fueled by Thando’s post during the Vodacom Durban July weekend, where Lunga could be seen looking “excited” to see Thando, she posted a picture of them together and wrote:”RT when you see it”

Then they went to the Maldives on a baecation where they posted cute stories on both their Instagram. Lunga also participated at Thando’s annual women’s day netball challenge to show support. But the pair never wants to admit it to the public that they are an item.

They were also at the Somhale traditional wedding and guess what? They wore matching outfits. However Thando posted a picture of them both and captioned it:”It was nice bumping into you”

This caption cracked a lot people even Clement Maosa commented, by writing:”Lol you should bump into each other more often”

This bumping into each other is really happening more often because recently Thando took to her Instagram and posted a snap of her and a guy kissing, but she’s obviously hiding the guy’s face. She captioned:”When the tour guide doesn’t accept money”

Fans started analyzing the pic and came to a conclusion that the tour guide is definitely Lunga. Amongst the comments there were Siv Ngesi who wrote:”I know that tattoo” and Dr Musa Mthombeni who wrote:”I know those arms”

If you check the tattoo on the tour guide, it does look like Lunga’s tattoo.
However apart from everything else the pair looks happy and we are happy for them.

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